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Re: Comemnts re: Film Reg.

>Michael brings up a very good point. I'd say 95% of film is shoot on
>Panavision or Arriflex cameras. You might trying running the idea by one
>of them. I know Panavision is very receptive of new ideas.

But the best 5% are probably shot with Aatons!  ;-)  Mine, anyway.

If the camera properly registers the film in relation to the perforation, 
there should be no need for an external optical registration reference 
mark, as the proper perf (not just any perf, actually depends on the 
movement used -- for example B&H/Oxberry/Acme and Mitchell use different 
perfs as references) contains all the needed information.

However, the Arriflex SR series of cameras, due to poor gate design 
(fixed channel, assuming all film is exactly 16mm wide with no variations 
from manufacturing, humidity, or shrinkage) often is prone to a diagonal 
weave (given the offset loop shape) and combined with an old dodgy Rank 
can look pretty bad.

Panavision is part owner of Aaton, and, strangely, Panavision buys more 
Arris than anyone else.  I will never understand this stuff...

John Snopes
No insult intended towards Arri, I like some of their 35mm cameras very 

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