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Re: Ilford HP5 transfer

>These stocks are relatively new, and perhaps the EI is not exactly as
>published.  Also, is it possible that development times are different than
>for Kodak B/W stocks?  I believe this is true of the still film versions of
>the comparable emulsions.  Could be a lab issue.

I read on the CML forum that Ilford feels many labs don't process their 
stocks at the correct time and temperature.  Remember these stocks are 
really still stocks, and not special emulsions designed for continuous 
processing in D-96.  If you are in the LA area, Cheshire System in 
Burbank apparently does process Ilford stocks optimally.  Nice little 
lab, B&W neg and nothing else, I think.

But it is nice to see someone being generous with silver.  Occasionally I 
see old 30's newsreel footage where it looks like the silver was applied 
to the base with trowel -- thick and luxuriant.  I'd pay extra for a 
stock like that.  Where are DuPont and Ansco and Agfa (all 
ex-manufacturers of B&W neg) when you need them?

John Snopes
(no insult to Kodak intended)

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