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Re: 601 Proc Amp

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997 15:40:32 -0700, Paul Chapman wrote:
>We have the Videotek SDC-101 here, it works quite well. Clip levels are
>preset to 4 different possibilities, selectable via DIP switch. Also has
>basic proc-amp functions (gain, black level, saturation etc.).

Paul, I think you might have the DPA-100 Digital Proc Amp, which has the dip
switches and basic proc functions. I'm glad you're satisfied with whatever
it is you have, though.

I believe that Adrian Costoya has the SDC-101 Color Corrector, with time
code triggering, etc.

Robert Stenzel
Sr. Project Engineer - Videotek Inc.

+++ thanks to Rich Torpey of MTI/Image Group for support in 1997
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