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Re: 601 Proc Amp

In a message dated 8/4/97 2:02:07 AM, Robert Stenzel wrote:

>I believe that Adrian Costoya has the SDC-101 Color Corrector, with time
>code triggering, etc.

Mr. Stenzel:

Does the SDC-101 permit (when used with an external computer) storing more
than 50 corrections that are programmable?  I.e. if there is a limit to the
number of corrections the box stores internally (kind of like the Media 100's
50 "Color EFX" limit, because of the PGA chips they used) can more settings
be dumped in to the SDC-101 dynamically to circumvent that 50 event limit?  

If so, this sounds like a very exciting box for use in the edit suite, and
maybe even for digital telecine dailies if someone can't afford the latest
DaVinci (although I guess if you can afford a telecine the DaVinci's not that

Do you also make boxes that would permit using this in an analog setup (like
my Avid currently is)?  That would make it an easy choice, upgradable
whenever I retire my analog Beta SP deck but usable now.  Also, do you make a
software front end for this device, preferably Mac based?

Any users of this SDC-101 want to comment on it?

John Snopes
Curious in Muncie, Indiana

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