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RE: RE>RE: Wet gate

>No one has yet mentioned the extremely dangerous health hazards of using wet
>Operators using such systems are at a real health risk and should ensure that
>their facility has taken appropriate steps to minimize exposure to perc.
>I would not use the words "extremely dangerous". Yes , it is toxic but i
>think you will find that is just as toxic as many other things we use every
>day. If it was so bad we wouldn't see any dry cleaners in business. 
>As Paul points out you must take care with your ventilation system. Let me
>explain the measure we have taken.  In our separated wet tk rooms we have an
>exhaust with automated back up , that supplies 25 room air changes per hour.
>I have also modified our tk's  such that the wet gate plugs in inside the
>window so that the tk window can be closed. Ventilation of the deck area then
>removes as much of the fumes as is possible. The exhaust of the wet gate
>control unit also causes a problem in that it is almost saturated with perc
>vapour. This can be condensed into a spare drum , again with its own extract
>to minimise fumes within the room.During normal operation, the tk rooms do
>not smell. We also have perc p.p.m. meters / sensors that alarm when the ppm
>goes above the recommended 50ppm within the room.One alarm goes of much
>earlier than 50ppm to warn of increasing levels , the second at 50ppm The
>tk's themselves sit on a giant drain that will remove liquid in the event of
>a large spillage , however this has never been needed. 
>These measures give a "safe" working enviroment.

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