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"compressed" grade

The term "compressed grade" or "flat grade" is being applied to the
technique of transferring neg to tape with minimal colour correction and
with low enough contrast to keep as much of the original negative data
as possible. Never mind what it looks like. Transfer is typically to D1
or Digibeta. After editing, the program goes to an on-line finish, with
the "real" colour correction being done tape-to-tape.   (As opposed to a
quick but "filmy" rushes transfer, followed by neg extraction and
re-transfer with full correction).

We are seeing this happening a lot now on TV serial drama .

My questions for everyone who has an opinion (why else are we on the
list:-)) are these: 

1.	is this a widespread practice?  

2.	does the obviously flat image after the first grade cause confusion
with the client?

3.	if the final grade is the critical one, when does the
client/DP/editor/producer/etc sit in on the grade - oroginal transfer or

4.	what level of noise reduction, aperture correction, sharpening, etc
should be applied in the telecine grade as opposed to the final grade?

Hope this reaches the list before Rob closes his servers down (message
arrived seconds before I hit the "Send" button  - Murphy strikes again!
Also hope any answes don't disappear into the Hollywood Hills meltdown.
If so, Rob, Chris Bacon, Dominic Rom - just talk among yourselves ;-)

Thanks in advance for any enlightening help on this one.

            Dominic Case   
            Atlab Australia   

+++ thanks to Rich Torpey of MTI/Image Group for support in 1997
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