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Re: "compressed" grade

Case, Dominic wrote:

> The term "compressed grade" or "flat grade" is being applied.

I am using this technique almost all the time now, however we call the
transfer a "technical one light".  I usually make a best light at the
same time, cos I can!

I feed the D Beta or D1 direct out from the Noise reducer (set
carefully). Aperture correction is set also carefully. I simultainously
feed another o/p signal from the NR thru my RSQ for best light and send
that to the BSP so that the client can edit happily and not scare
his/her client!!!

Works extremely well.  Client comes back with EDL and I simply run down
the tape and correct the parts or scenes needed.  Clients save money and
I feel its a higher quality output as one can see the scenes that are
used together to get nice match colour corrections.  No cutting of neg,
no keycode.  And if by chance I need to zoom in or something I can
easily find the part on the neg as Pogle can relate the time code to the
film exactly.

The final grade is the one that is attended by whoever wants the inputs.

The system best works on large amounts of shot camera rolls.

Hope that covers everything as I am freezing to death, heating system
broken!  Please send excess warmth down!

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