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RE: "compressed" grade

Case, Dominic wrote:

> The term "compressed grade" or "flat grade" is being applied.

This is done on almost every television program posted in Los Angeles. It also presents some problems in terms of representative dailies and limited range on tape to tape color correction, as well as a dependence upon the accuracy/talent of the daily colorist (in L.A., usually a somewhat inexperienced colorist working at graveyard shift hours). Therefore, we use a different technique that involves two simultaneous outputs from telecine, one before the DaVinci and one after. And this approach, interestingly is also being used by:

Ken Robinson
Imagen Transfer
Av.Cristobal Colon 4733
Las Condes
Santiago de Chile, who wrote:
I am using this technique almost all the time now, however we call the
transfer a "technical one light".  I usually make a best light at the
same time, cos I can!

I feed the D Beta or D1 direct out from the Noise reducer (set
carefully). Aperture correction is set also carefully. I simultainously
feed another o/p signal from the NR thru my RSQ for best light and send
that to the BSP so that the client can edit happily and not scare
his/her client!!!
  ...  I am freezing to death, heating system
broken!  Please send excess warmth down!

Ya gotta love this internet world wide communication stuff. There you are freezing to death, and here in L.A. they're issuing "excessive heat warnings" (whatever the hell THAT is). I think it's supposed to be about 115 in the valley today.

Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A. (dying of the heat...)

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