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Re: "compressed" grade

Just another note to add to below....  I honestly don't find any
difference between correcting tape or film, unless of course I am trying
to undo something, that someone else already did!

The one thing that I forgot to add is that I put my filtration (black
super mist etc) after colour correcting the Digital format.....  Its
wonderful, not only can I hide mistakes ;-) it also smoothes out any
grain that has turned into noise!  And looks exactly the same as
filtration out of a Cintel.......  I know cos I sometimes have to match
grade against a Gold!  NO I DON"T HAVE A SPIRIT!


Michael D. Most wrote:

> This is done on almost every television program posted in Los Angeles.
> It also presents some problems in terms of representative dailies and
> limited range on tape to tape color correction, as well as a
> dependence upon the accuracy/talent of the daily colorist (in L.A.,
> usually a somewhat inexperienced colorist working at graveyard shift
> hours). Therefore, we use a different technique that involves two
> simultaneous outputs from telecine, one before the DaVinci and one
> after. And this approach,

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