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Re: 601 Proc Amp

On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, John Snopes wrote, regarding the SDC-101:
> ... more than 50 corrections?
> ... exciting box for use in the edit suite.
> ... analog setup?
> ... software front end for this device, preferably Mac based?

>John Snopes
>Curious in Muncie, Indiana

Dear Curious,

There are a few externally assisted ways to get more than 50 corrections. 
1. The SDC-101 is directly edit controllable, and can be given correction
parameters directly by the editor, so everything is in the EDL.
2. The command protocol also supports writing directly to one of the 50
memories via RS-232 or RS-422, so a computer can save the additional
corrections and send them over on some scheduled basis.
These features do make the SDC an exciting box for the edit suite, where
there are many happily installed.

There is no analog support for the SDC-101: choose the A/D and D/A, or
decoder and encoder you like and sandwich the SDC between them. Videotek
currently has only the component A/D box.

There is a complimentary software front-end provided with the unit, but it
is Windows PC-based. Allows for saving memories or current corrections to disk.

Signed ... Proficient in Pottstown
Robert Stenzel
Sr. Project Engineer
Videotek Inc. - Pottstown, PA

+++ thanks to Rich Torpey of MTI/Image Group for support in 1997
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