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Re: "compressed" grade

> BTW if anyone else has anything to add - don't stop now!

Well here is my two pence worth Dominic.

1.    I find that Noise reduction should be added only in the final
stages of the process, unless there has been some explosion, and the
fallout has landed on the neg, especially with 16mm.

2.    If the clients are not coming into view the dailies transfer, it
helps to have grey scales, or Kodak's new "Kit" chart at the start of
scenes, so that the colourist has some idea as to what the scene was
intended to look like.  This is important as although you are doing a
"flat" grade; or what ever you call it; you still need to start getting
on the right road from a look point of view, so as not to have push
things later.  It will help the  "inexperienced" colourist doing the
dailies to not create problems for the "senior" latter.

David Grant
VHQ Singapore

PS. I like the idea of the simultaneous "Best Light" transfers, although
it might take a bit longer!!

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