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Re: SGI extension


We have run quite long lenghts on some of the systems that I have
installed, and so far I have not had any problems. But 90 meters is a very
long way, but I think that we came close on one of the systems, prehaps
about 60 Meters.

The monitor can be the biggest problem, if the cables are not good quality,
then you can get refelctions, which can be really annoying. We run them as
double screen coaxs, with adapter cables at each end.

You could try buying the cables on seperate 100m drums, and terminateing
the ends and so If everything is ok before you run the cables in.

Good Luck!

Grant Petty,
Complete Post
Melbourne, Australia.

>I need to extend keyboard, mouse, tablet and monitor of two SGI's Onyx
>to 90 meters ( +- 300 ft). Does anybody (can help me &)  has experience
>with that?
>Thank you
>Alex Pimentel
>Casablanca Finish
>Sao Paulo Brazil

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