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appeal to London

Could one of our subscribers in London do us a favor and contact Asa
Shoul, of Framestore, to let Asa know that his/her mail is bouncing?
Asa just resubscribed to the group, so probably has no idea that this
is happening.  Here is the diagnostic, which is one of many received:

---begin bounce message

To: <telecine at sun.alegria.com>
Subject: Delivery Report
Message-ID: <970809101049_702420.204300_BHD48-13 at CompuServe.COM>
Content-Type: text
X-Diagnostic: Not on the accept list
X-Envelope-To: telecine
Content-Length: 251
Non-Delivery Report:    To: internet:asa_shoul at fstore.demon.co.uk at CSE
                        Report Generation Time: 08/09/97 10:06:31 (GMT+00:00)
                        Transfer Failed: Conversion was not Allowed

-------end bounce message
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