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[Fwd: TK Transfer v Compensated Conversion]

Question for John:

Does the client plan use the footage in 625 and 525 and therefore 
will save money by only transferring one time?
It seems to me that the beauty of film is its versatility as an 
originating medium. Why not do two high quality transfers, once to 625 
and once to 525?
The very best conversion suites treat conversion more like an online edit 
than a dub. I think that the cost, while probably less than two 
transfers, will still be comparable. Why not avoid the problem entirely?

Spence Burton

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At the risk of stirring up a hornet's nest, I would like opinions on the
following scenario:

A client has asked me whether to save money they can TK in 625 onto
DigBeta and then use a motion compensated converter with shot detection
correction to make a 525 converted master on DigBeta

Ahh! Sharp intake of breath from the TIG.  But wait - this very grainy
print needs considerable electronic noise reduction to be acceptable to
meet the distributor's requirements and therefore the effective
information bandwidth has already been compromised. 

This converter is regularly used for converting large budget commercials
with the entire production team enthusastic about the results ( many
cannot distinguish between before and after, the results are so good.)

This process is only being considered for  625 to 525 and I am aware of
audio pitch and duration considerations. Please bear this in mind.


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