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RE: ferrit microswitches

According to my handy-dandy Thomas Register Of American Manufactures, Micro 
Switch is a division of Honeywell with a mailing address of;

Dept. 722
11 W. Spring St.
Freeport, IL  61032

Telephone,  (815) 235-5500
Fax, (unconfirmed) (815) 235-5988
According to one of their sales offices in the U.S. their U.K. sales are 
handled through;

Room LG10
Broadcasting House
Langham St.
London  W1A1AA

Telephone 44-171-255-1018

A large American retail electronics sales company that sells Micro Switch 
devices, and has offices in the U.K. is;

Newark Electronics
Mill Lane, Alton, Hampshire
GUE34 2QJ England

Telephone, (0420) 543333
Fax, (0420) 544450

(Sorry, I reside on the California shores of the Pacific Ocean, so I'm not 
familiar with local London electronics stores.)

Hopefully, this information will give you some starting places to track down 
what you need.

Paul Wood
Sony Pictures Studios

From: telecine-request
To: 'telecine at alegria.com'
Subject: ferrit microswitches
Date: Monday, August 11, 1997 9:34AM

Could one of my friends in america help me....I'm looking for a micro
switch used in ferrit's   (end of trousers sensor) that is made by a
company called Microswitch in Freeport ILL. Could someone kindly find me
a fax.#..... or better still a shop name in Soho that sell them.
thank you

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