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Re: HDTV: CBS and 16mm

On Aug 13, 15:24, DLeitner at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re:  HDTV: CBS and 16mm

> On Niles' copious screen they were steady, sharp,
> detailed, textured--for all the world, visually equivalent to projected 35mm

wow.  quite an interesting perspective David.  When can we schedule a
TIG fieldtrip to see this?  I'd take a weekend out for it.

> Film printing and projection are
> nonessential.  It boils down to the capture medium alone.  

then does your experience, admittedly subjective, make a case that we
need never strive for a delivery medium better than 1125/60, because
the eye doesn't discern the difference between that and the resolution
of projected 35mm film?


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