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Re: New Sony Telecine

Hello Jay,

<<Is this the only telecine Sony makes and if so, please correct me if I'm
wrong, : But isn't it an HD telecine only, and cost more than $200K. >>

So far as is known, Sony has built three telecines.  Two of them were much
like optical printing machines, except that HDTV instead of film cameras are
used for recording.  These were prototypes which were -- and presumably still
are -- used for transferring Sony/Columbia Pictures'  vast film library to
high def.  The third telecine Sony has shown appears to be more of a finished
product, having electronic light valves instead of mechanical ones, a
sprocket-type intermittent motion instead of a pulldown pin or claw, and an
electronic registration system.  Although Sony has said in the past that they
intend to offer a HD telecine in their regular product line, they haven't
made any firm promises I'm aware of as to when it will be released, what it
will cost, or what the final features and specs will be.  

Martin Banks recently posted a web address for Sony to this forum, 


at which you can see a picture of a Sony telecine.  Interestingly enough,
there are also basic descriptions of the equipment at Sony Pictures, and
rates and policies, and contact names in case you wish to book a transfer on
the system.

Christopher Bacon

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