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Is 35mm/HDTV good enough?

Rob wrote:

>then does your experience, admittedly subjective, make a case that we
>need never strive for a delivery medium better than 1125/60, because
>the eye doesn't discern the difference between that and the resolution
>of projected 35mm film?

Some years ago I had the pleasure of viewing one of ShowScan's demos.
ShowScan used 65mm film running at 60 frames per second.  It was the most
impressive film technology I have ever witnessed, with an unrivaled depth,
richness and reality.  But unfortunately such an expensive process was not
commercially successful.  I-Max doesn't begin to approach its quality (no
insult to I-Max intended!).  I conclude we are a long way from saturating
the eye/brain bandwidth--1125/60 isn't there yet, and I look forward to
things yet to come.


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