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I seemed to have stirred up a thread!!! ...as usual.......

Stu's response was very interesting. He was very detailed and specific in how it works which is great. Threads like this are really enhanced when the manufacturer speaks out, such as Steve Brett from Pandora etc in the past. 
It is not hard marketing but useful data and discussion, it adds value to the TIG, honest Rob!

Perhaps Dave Walker could post some info or paper on Clearview also, on why they feel this is the best solution for Ursa's? This would be very interesting. Not as a corporate marketing thing but as a sensible engineering contribution. The last thing I want to read is a sales jibe.
It is obvious the comparison will be made. People are making purchasing decisions. and may overlook products like Stu's or Dave's because of marketing etc. Both products have a subjective result and you really do need to no how they attack the problem with their solution.

What do Cintel say? are they brave enough to comment on which system is best for Ursa?
Or do they take a neutral stance and have no opinion ? I hope they  have a view in something that effects their products picture quality.
I await a deafening silence ;-)

Paul "anarchy in the Uk" Grace 

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