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Re: Re: 74 Hz

>And if you'll notice, 74 X 9 = 666.  Now we know Mac is The Beast,
>but does this means that Mr. Trumbull is now suspect also?  Does
>the 9 represent the 9 lives of Apple?  Mystery?  I DON'T THINK SO!

Hmm, what is the numeric value of "BILL GATES?" I wonder...  and what 
about "CINTEL?"... but I am not going to look it up.  Someone probably 
makes a shareware program that will do it...  go to 

BTW, Showscan is 60 fps, 5 perf, 65mm  neg (with 70mm prints).  The Luxor 
system is vertical 8-perf 35mm at 48 fps.

And NTSC is in our homes, and most consumers are content with rental VHS 
tapes, which have, I hear, 
1/666th of the resolution of IMAX.

Another coincidence?

I doubt it.

John Snopes
(no insult indended towards the kind folks at eldiablo.666.comm, and no 
joking reference to the CML religious wars intended, either.)

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