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Re: Clearview/scand'al/aliasing

On Aug 19, 14:18, Paul Grace wrote:
} Subject: Clearview/scand'al/aliasing

> It is not hard marketing but useful data and discussion, it adds value to
>  the TIG, honest Rob!

agreed.  I do like what Dave Tosh says about having proper filters in
place; on behalf of those whose filters are not sufficiently narrow, I
intercede, occasionally.

> Perhaps Dave Walker could post some info or paper on Clearview also

We have four Walkers subscribed to the TIG, not one of them Dave,

> What do Cintel say? are they brave enough to comment on which system
> is best for Ursa?

They will definitely have something to say, I have no doubt, if
experience is any guide.  Submission size limit is 10k ;-).


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