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RE: Showscan

Adrian Thomas wrote:

>I, too, have witnessed ShowScan and can confirm that it really is 

I saw a demo at Showscan's place in LA. We saw a ride movie ("Street
Luge" - downhill skateboard racing) in a conventional theatre (i.e.
Showscan, but ordinary seating). Nevertheless I really felt the chair
disappear from under me (with my stomach) every time the skateboard,
camera, and audience lurched into the air. Fast movement was very
impressive and convincing.

Next we saw another ride, this time in the machine that swings your
seats around in sync with the image. Sorry, Showscan - the mechanical
movement didn't do anything that my imagination and the excellent
visuals didn't already do.

Apart from the motion resolution at 60fps, the key to the effectiveness
of these formats (IMHO) is the peripheral vision. And as we all know,
the eye's resolution at the edges, outside of the fovea, is quite poor.
So where does that leave us on the 1125/60 argument that started this
thread?  Variable resolution around the frame area? 

>The strange thing about 
>the ShowScan picture is that, owing to this high refresh rate, the 
experience seems very familiar to computer users 

We are reading a lot about digital images aiming for "photo-realism" -
in other words it is only convincing if it looks photographic, rather
than if it looks "real".  Is this comment a suggestion that there is
also a reciprocal effect - i.e. it looks convincing (on film) because
it's reminiscent of a computer image?

Dominic (there's more in this than meets the eye) Case
            Dominic Case   
            Atlab Australia   
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