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Re: HDTV: CBS and 16mm

I was present at that SMPTE meeting, and as an owner of a pretty good 
set of eyes, I was nothing short of blown away by John Dowdell's 
presentation. IMHO, anyone who has ever seen film, either 35mm or 
16mm transferred to HD and projected will never be satisfied with 
film projection again! The images totally cinematic; they were crisp 
and sharp. The complete lack of flicker in the HD projected pictures 
the marvelous color rendition and saturation made my viewing 
experience quite enjoyable....and far superior to anything I have 
ever seen in projected film.

Another important point that has yet to be raised is that when 
filmmakers start post-producing feature films in HD, DP's will be 
able to use the most powerful tool in the post-production arsenal: 
the TK suite. As anyone who has ever timed a film can attest, what 
was origionally captured on the OCN is basically what you get in the 
timed print. It is not possible to make the whites in a given scene 
cooler, while making the blacks warmer; something that happens every 
day in the TK suite.

Giving the DP of a feature film control over secondary color 
correction; the ability to match skin tones in a scene shot over a 
number of days in the same location with the same actors will forever 
change the way that feature films are made. When DP's and producers 
become aware that they could have TOTAL control over the way their 
images look, they will demand to use these new tools.

When they realize that the density of a given scene or scenes is 
completely malleable, when they realize that it is possible to 
re-photograph each and every shot in the TK suite, and have those 
lovely images projected with the same clarity and subtlety as when 
they were color graded, film makers will run, not walk to the the HD 
TK suite.

Just imagine what Alan Daviou, Vilmos Zsigmond, or Stephen Poster 
could do with a power window or two!

It just boggles the mind.
Dave Satin
Executive Vice President       212.226.7474/V
Director of Engineering        212.941.0439/F
SMA Video Inc.

100 6th Avenue 10th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10013-1689

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