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Re: telecine-digest Digest V97 #90

Jim Lindelien wrote:
> If one assumes 8kx8k resolution, at 12-bit or better color depth in R,G,& B,
> at 74 frames/sec, ShowScan works out to (give or take), 21 gigabytes per
> second. 

   Interesting and sobering calculation. On the other hand, if we tile
that surface up into 32 2kx1k channels and encode each to 15mb/s (i.e.
using Gary Demos layered MPEG2) we have "only" 480mb/s. For a "Personal
Omnitheatre" experience to the home you would need to use 16  6Mhz
channels (QAM 64 = 30mb/s per channel). Although such a system with 32
HD equivalent decoders and tiling hardware will be too costly for the
home consumer for quite a few more years one could see the special venue
theatre or corporate campus with such a system fairly soon. As for home
entertainment a system delivering 2-4 channels to a mini dome should be
possible in the next few years. One could deliver a served film ride
experience to the home via cable. That's my dream...

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