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thanks and a reminder

I'd like to thank the companies and individuals who have made
monetary contributions to the TIG this year.  The logos of a few of
the companies are in the TIG webpage marketspace section.. and the
individuals are listed in the 'list of supporting members'.

If you or your company receives good value from this mailinglist I ask
that you make a contribution; in the case of individuals $25 annually
is requested.  Companies can contribute whatever they feel is
appropriate, and if an invoice is needed, please contact me.  
Web reference:  http://www.alegria.com/telecine/info.html#money

The net connection to run the servers costs $388 per month, and the
equipment is not cheap (which I realized when a hard drive died
recently).  The TIG's servers (mail and web) have been up continuously
since June, 1994.  (PS. a redesign of the webpages is in the works.)

Foreign companies and individuals who can't send a US$ donation are
asked to remember the TIG at NAB in April via a box at the Options
booth, and in the meantime not to feel guilty.

I'd also like to thank the really fine people who write posts for this
group-- from the most learned articles, to the simple responses to
novice questions.  The TIG is meant to be a conduit for information,
with no question too sophomoric, nor response unwelcome, as long as
proper respect and decorum are observed.  (see

Thanks especially to Mike Orton for his efforts on behalf of Richard
Terpilowski, and his regular updates on Richard's condition for the
TIG.  This use of the TIG was perhaps the most significant of all.


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