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RE: TK Transfer v Compensated Conversion

Forgive my possible ignorance in this matter ,  but if as i understand
in the U.S. "several" days are taken grading a feature , and these
features have a decent size post budget , why, if we are searching for
perfection, is anybody considering a conversion.The alternative is to
re-transfer in the other standard at real time plus reel changes etc.
The converted version will be real time using an expensive Alchemist.
The telecine transfer will be , say, 5 hours!  We are argueing about
saving a few hundred dollars to compromise what we are all striving
for...best quality pictures. 
I have worked with the colorists at The Machine Room in London on
features that have finshed in pal , ntsc , 1:85 , 1:33 and sometimes pan
scan aswell , all in one go. OK the pan scan needs another session but
the gradings are there and may only need a tweek. We normally do it in
NTSC first because thats the awkward one , then switch the room over.
Pogle does all the calculations for you  , all you have to do is enter
the "in" points and hit "perform". Am i missing something here?

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