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Colourist positions.

Pacific Video Canada is again expanding it's telecine department and is
looking for experienced colourists who would like to relocate to beautiful
Vancouver, British Columbia.  
A minimum of two years experience with Rank Cintel telecines, Da Vinci, and
Renaissance colour correctors is required. Quadra or FDL 90 familiarity
would be a plus.Canadian citizenship would also be an asset.
All applicants should have a strong and complete understanding of keycode
and TLC or their equivalents. Positions may involve shift work.

Pacific Video Canada, which comprises Post Haste Video and Alpha Cine
provide lab and post production services for commercials, feature films,
'made for television ' movies and television series. Alpha Cine has been in
operation since 1969 and Post Haste, 1980. 

Please  fax resumes to (604) 689-1003 attention Gary Shaw or email to
gshaw at pacificvideo.com

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