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Following comments on aliasing, Cintel was asked for its views on the
latest technology. We are happy to oblige.

URSA Diamond is the latest version of our standard definition telecine. At
the front end we have employed some new technology to stabilise the
sensors, minimising the effects of drift. We call this Diamond Set.

There are also improvements in two other key areas of the telecine, and we
are pleased to offer the user a choice in each of them, and also in a third
important part of the machine.

First, active burn and shading correction. All Diamonds shipped to date are
fitted with TWiGi from Innovation TK. We also propose to offer Diamond
Glow, a development of Accuglow, from DAV. As I write, we are testing a
production prototype Diamond Glow.

The second area is anti-aliasing, which started this correspondence. All
delivered so far have been fitted with Diamond Clear, a development of
CLRView, again from DAV. In the next few days, though, we will be testing
SCANdAL from Innovation TK, and again it is our intention to offer the user
a choice. These two devices work in different ways to achieve the same
effect, Diamond Clear by overscanning, SCANdAL by modifying the shape of
the scanning spot, and the user is free to compare systems and choose
whichever they feel is most effective for their work.

The third area of choice is in servo control, either our own JumpFree and
LowSpeed or MetaSpeed from Video Post and Transfer. All three options, plus
Diamond Set and the other improvements, are available in both factory-built
new URSA Diamonds and as upgrade kits for existing URSA Golds.

The message is that URSA is now very much a configurable telecine. If all
goes to plan, visitors to the IBC exhibition will have the ability to
compare a "DAV" URSA Diamond and an "Innovation TK" URSA Diamond. We want
you to make up your own mind.

What is our opinion on the various options? Our view is that each meets our
technical requirements, and we are pleased to let our customers choose the
package which best meets their personal preferences and operational
requirements. All I would add is that we have already shipped a number of
Diamonds to facilities around the world with nothing but positive comments.
Certainly our friends at Blue (new URSA Diamond) and SVC (upgrade) are
confident that their telecines are providing fantastic standard definition 
images in London the equal at least of anything else available today.

David Fenton
Cintel International Limited

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