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RE: ShowScan/HD compression

>Jim Lindelien wrote:

My original point was to emphasize eye-brain bandwidth

The problem we have in matching an image system to the eye-brain system,
is that the viewer makes a subjective decision about what is the
important part of the image, and uses full resolution there, and
dramatically compresses/abandons data elsewhere.  Many of these
decisions are quite predictable, and are already made in comproession
systems. The most effective use of communications bandwidth is to
sacrifice detail that the eye is going to sacrifice anyway, and preserve
full res for what the viewer wants to see in full res (motion & tone as
well as spatial).  But every time I glance at the edge of the screen, or
at part of the subject that is out of focus, I'm making a decision that
is different from the one predicted (or preferred) by the DP.

Still, I guess that at every level we fill bandwidth with data that the
viewer is going to reject.  How many TV channels can we watch at once?

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