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Re: spin control, multi axis

Hi Lou,

<< Sony was going around claiming "victory" on this one but I have the
following comments: They didn't come close to achieving the same "Look", so
its not apples to apples, and how did they manage to get the transfer so much
noisier than ours?? I        
thought CCD's were supposed to be real quiet. >>

Not when you are effectively undersampling an image with them!

<< Tests seldom model the real world, especially when there are background
agenda's running! >>

Reliable test data serves only as a reference, a point to start from, in any
situation.  In the particular instance I cited, some "junk engineering" was
used to produce rather dubious test data, which in turn supports a political
policy at a national TV network.  

Problem is, it will also dictate production choices for those who hope to
sell programming to said network.  Can't you just see the river of crocodile
tears pouring out of Sony's headquarters for the 16mm film equipment that now
has to be replaced with their technologically obsolescent (because it has
interlace and compressed-bandwidth color channels, same as 4:2:2) 1125-line
HDTV gear?!?

Christopher Bacon

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