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transcan/Tracan question

Leigh, I hereby forward your question to the Telecine Internet Group,
which body of esteemed colleagues may yield an answer for you.

--- Forwarded mail from "Leigh R. McCormac" <Leigh_McCormac at onaustralia.com.au>

Hi Rob,
By a rather circuitous route I came across your email address.

I have a Transcan 16mm & 8mm (Switchable) telecine, which runs in PAL.

This is a 16mm and 8mm flying spot telecine.

We appear to have repaired the mechanical problems but are having some
little trouble making it track greyscale properly. Outside of this problem
it appears to be a good little telecine.

Currently it has the following photo multipliers fitted.

Red		P4101B	clear glass tube
Green	P4103B	black coated glass tube
Blue	P4101B	clear glass tube

The tubes bear the manufactures name of  T.C. Centronics Ltd. - Great
Britain. The head amplifier is for Brimar Tubes.

Visually (on a monitor) it appears that the green channel is the one which
doesn't track properly and it is also the odd one out in the above list.

Do you or one of your contacts know if Tracan Video exists or if it was
taken over by another company who was it?

Also do you know where I can get the photomultipliers from as I cant find
TC Centronics in the UK.

Any other comments or observations, particularly if they improve the
picture quality, would be appreciated.

Thank you for your help and cooperation,
Leigh R. McCormac

Email: Leigh_McCormac at onaustralia.com.au

--- End of forwarded message from "Leigh R. McCormac" <Leigh_McCormac at onaustralia.com.au>

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