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Re: Picture stability on FDL 90

Hello Hans,

these problem appears sometimes and also BTS engineers cannot solve 
it reliable. As your problem is not in 16 mm, it seems that the 
servo has locked correctly (watch corresponding LED in bottom rack).

Has BTS updated your gate sprocket detector? Two refinements have been 
done on it: Another sensor behind the sprocket detector with higher resolution
(more increments) and a new sprocket wheel itself.

Also check the axial position of the sprocket wheel. It is adjustable 
with spacers that you put between axis and the sprocket wheel to achieve 
the right position.

When looking on this also observe the 35 mm film when entering the 
gate's film path. Is it running smooth and correct, or is the film forced 
to touch the rear edge guide of the gate? It should touch the rear 
edge guide, but without bending the film (maybe listen to the edge 
guide during turning the capstan by hand). If this is wrong, it can 
also be corrected by repositioning the sprocket wheel by inserting or 
removing spacers.

Finally check if the 35 mm film is in contact with cover shields 
anywhere in the filmpath of the telecine.

2 - 3 lines of vertical picture stability is bad, with 35 mm film you 
should achieve +/- 0,3 lines which is +/- 0,05 % of picture height.

If you need more help, you can contact me directly (I'm telecine engineer
at ARRI TV in munich and responsible for our URSAs, but we are running
also FDLs in munich and berlin).

Good luck in troubleshooting,

Stefan Sedlmeier
Engineering Manager
ARRI TV-Produktionsservice GmbH  Tuerkenstr. 95  D-80799 Muenchen
Phone +49 89 3809-1876  Fax +49 89 3809-1549  Email ssedlmeier at arri.de

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