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RE: That old 24/25 fps feeling

 >> What I would have done up to now is the following : telecine at 24fps
adding in 2 extra fields (delta fields) to produce that extra 25th frame
for cuting at 25fps. After cutting, have the neg OSCR logged (or equilavent
logging system) and furnish cutters with a video EDL. They calculate where
the delta frames have gone, cut them out of the EDL and cut the neg. A
check print is made to verify accuracy. Then the s16 is blown-up to 35mm. A
print is made from this which can be used to sound edit to or even mix to.
The 35mm interneg (or interpos ?) is graded and optical neg

Is this route still the best way ?  << 

There is no need for any separate standalone logging system anymore. Simply use an Avid with film options and the Avid will take care of all of this for you. It will furnish an accurate EDL, negative cutting list, and will also allow you to play and cut your material at 24 FPS (even when digitizing from 25 FPS PAL original). There is no need for off-speed telecine (transfer at 25 FPS only), nor is there need for separate logging of film information.

Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A.

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