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RE: That old 24/25 fps feeling

>Michael D. Most[SMTP:mmost at encorevideo.com] wrote:-
>There is no need for any separate standalone logging system anymore. Simply
>use an Avid with film options and the Avid will take care of all of this for
>you. It will furnish an accurate EDL, negative cutting list, and will also
>allow you to play and cut your material at 24 FPS (even when digitizing from
>25 FPS PAL original). There is no need for off-speed telecine (transfer at 25
>FPS only), nor is there need for separate logging of film information.

I agree with most of this, and would emphasise one point: do your
telecine transfer at 25fps. So the film and the video have exactly the
same number of frames. Since Avid can play at 24, the PAL video speed is
quite irrelevant. Don't even think about 25fps anywhere in the system.

However, in my experience,  neg matchers prefer to (insist on) cut
negative from a list that _they_ have generated using their own software
(osc/r, excalibur etc) rather than a list supplied by any other system.
Unlike any other process in editing, neg matching gives you no second
chances. Once cut, the negative cannot be rejoined without losing a
frame.  And it's _the_ original and only negative. An awesome
responsibility for the person with the scissors, if they are relying on
someone else's data.  And there are always weaknesses in the logging and
the list that have to be checked.  For example, has Avid worked out
downhill edgenumbers yet (i.e. from rewound camera negative)?  If so,
does every Avid user have that update?

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