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f1 pr f2 the right picture?

Dominic Case wrote:
> I agree with most of this, and would emphasise one point: do your
> telecine transfer at 25fps. So the film and the video have exactly the
> same number of frames. Since Avid can play at 24, the PAL video speed is
> quite irrelevant. 

Dominic's advise is very sound.

A question perhaps more for neg cutting in the U.S. but still relevant
for 24-25frm PAL:

In offine NL systems, I'm told that Avid 'digitize' and display field 1,
where Lightworks record and display field 2 (both being at single field
offline resolutions).  Because of 3:2 pulldown, this would mean that for
some time code numbers, Avid will display one frame while Lightworks
will display the following frame. Is this taken into account when either
of the systems output a neg cut list?

Bruce Hancock
fingers at dircon.co.uk

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