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Having seached the excellent TIG index in vain, I wonder if anyone could
suggest a method of syncing 1/4""with pilot-tone to our Ursa-Gold.
We have no problems with timecoded tapes to bi-phase or reference video
(framepulse) or even to external code (CB box or Evertz).
The Nagra-T expects a reference square-wave in on pin 2 of
its"third-track"connector. In our case it should be at 50hz. 
The bi-phase is at 25hz!
On switching it to pilot mode it disables the external references that work
with TC.
I've read the manual.
There must be a way to lock the  50hz pilot on tape to our external
references, if only for speed purposes.
Or maybe get 50hz out of the Metaspeed?
Any suggestions gratefully received.
Geoff Cooper, Molinare,London. e-mail: molienge at compuserve.com

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