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RE: that old 24/25 feeling

>  >> Michael, it's good to hear a depth of understanding of the negative
>cutting issues on this list - and from a video voice too!.   << 
>From Michael Most . . .
>Video voice???!!??!!??  Bite your tongue!!!!!  I spent 5 and 1/2  years in
>post production at Lorimar and many days at nights at MGM Lab. I only wish
>others in the video business could do the same, but film knowledge seems to
>be at a premium these days - and, unfortunately, particularly among assistant
dworf  thlab  bleutth aarrrrgh . . - tongue duly bitten.

>From David Tosh. . .
Now there is a job description that has changed greatly in the last
or four years. 

Not 'arf!. . . are you kidding? . . .too right mate. . .  (agreement

But there are probably three sorts of assistant editor around now.  
The ones who do understand film, and can think of NL systems in those
terms (worth their weight in gold to the neg cutter).  
The slightly newer ones who know Avids inside out, can manage disk
storage, and not panic when there's a crash . . but film ??? well, we
send the list and someone just sort of . . gives us the cut neg, don't
they? - anyway, there's a new  list on its way so can you ignore what
you've cut so far.
And the ones who thought they were going to learn the art and craft of

            Dominic Case   
            Atlab Australia   

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