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Sony "Everscream" Monitors

We have found a bug in the Sony monitors that we affectionately (not!) refer
to as the "Everscream" series (20F1). There is a problem with channel
switching on these monitors where the Color Preset and/or Color Temperature
values become corrupted when switching between inputs.  This happens
somewhat intermittently. When it does happen, if you go back into Setup Menu
Hell and go through the motions of setting up either Color Preset or Color
Temperature  (but don't actually change any values), your original settings
come back and everything is fine again. We were wondering if anyone else has
been bitten by it or noticed it?  We've noticed this on older and new (1.21)
software.  The newer software also makes the monitor dip several FL in level
when switching between SDI and Composite sources.  When switching to
composite,  a dip in level is noticed until  it ramps up to (hopefully)
normal.  All in all, give us BVM1911s anytime. I wish Sony would either make
decent new monitors, or reintroduce the old ones that were reliable.  
Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video Services

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