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W I D E S C R E E N :  Monday 8th September Venue - 22 Newman Street

Peter Marshall (Channel 4)  and Rowan Bray (Arena Digital) present a
team of innovative professionals working very much on the cutting edge
of Widescreen Production.  The evening will be informal with the
emphasis on discussion/demonstration using Arena Digitals Editing

We have space for up to 30 people to take advantage of this opportunity.
Contact us now if you are already using, thinking about producing,
directing or simply experimenting with Widescreen....

You are invited to bring along samples of work which you would like to
receive guidance and help with any project.

Date:     6:30 Monday 8th September 1997

Venue:     at  Arena Digital 22 Newman Street.

Agenda:   6:30 refreshments and introduction
          7:00 - 9:30 We will move into the editing suites.

Tickets:  5 non BKSTS members
          Free to Members.

Contact:  Rachel on - 0171 242 8400 to reserve your place.

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