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Diamond foreplay


Back in the days of MKIII's I remember changing rooms or machines was a
major pain in the neck. It seemed then that no two machines were ever alike
in their response curves with even the same piece of film. I guess with all
of the modifications made by generations of telecine engineers, machines of
old were tweaked and modified in ways that will never be documented. As such
I never felt comfortable while away from "my" RANK. Fast forward to the days
of Golds and Diamonds and I still can't put my finger on why I like one
machine better than another. I currently work in a house with three
diamonds, all individuals in their own rights. Recently, I've had to change
rooms for a few days while this machine gets upgraded. Working on a strange
diamond has been a learning curve. But what makes tele two the machine I
like the best? It's not the quietest Cintel in the building, and it has a
whole host of annoying little quirks. But day after day I enjoy making
pictures out of tele two the best.

I relate coaxing a picture out of a given RANK to spending time with the one
you love. After a few dates together, you learn what she likes, how she
likes to be touched, and above all...how to get the best response from her
under social pressure. This time in a dark room together builds a bond with
a Cintel that is really unexplainable. I guess we could talk about how I
like the gamma curves better out of this one, but there are so many
intangible responses that I am so familiar with on tele two, that I can't
put them into words.

Cintel's of today are certainly easier to get along with than MKIII's of
old, but these machines are still a long way from plug and play. They remind
me very much of British automobiles. Fiercely independent, and you better
have spares around.

Have I been in a dark room too long?


Bob Festa
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