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RE: spot vs line analyser for telecine

Dick Hobbs writes . . .

>Is this why, to some eyes, CCD telecines have a video look? Because they
>are generating rigid, rectangular, hard-edged pixels, whereas flying spot
>telecines are inherently smoother?

This is an interesting thought: but mustn't we also consider the display
device, which, although illuminated by a continuously  (and so smoothly)
varying beam, necessarily divides the image field up into "pixels" of
individual colour, each separated from its next neighbour of the same
colour by a discreet space of black mesh and another phosphor dot?

I'd have thought that this would interfere considerably with the
smoothly varying signal generated by a flying spot telecine.  Of course
on a black and white monitor it's a different story . . .

But I'm sure that there's more to this . . . which someone can cast some
light on.

            Dominic Case   
            Atlab Australia   

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