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RE>Diamond foreplay

                      RE>Diamond foreplay                          8/9/97

>Have I been in a dark room too long?

maybe just a little!

It is true that these "digital " machines are indeed all very slightly diferent .....within limits.
They all meet a "Spec" but as there is a large optical and analog component to the machine .....there will always be variables. Add to this subtle differences on installations. monitoring  and room lighting all ading to the feel of a room.
We have two identical rooms at Rushes and colourists may prefer one room to another for no definable reason. Mk3 telecines were a very organic machine and while the Ursa has little variation,  there is still a little room for a personal "blueprint touch".
I have to say this is light years from Mk3 room variations.
It's the same thing with edit suites and Flame suites.

Pick two "identical" cars and one will perform better than the other etc etc.


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