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Re: Re: CCD vs. Flying Spot

Michael Kay wrote:

>The Cell box?  Perhaps a little quieter, but probably nothing
>close to the S/N capability of a CCD scanner with its Solar light

The real problem with that solar light source is keeping the mirror aimed 
at the sun...  especially in smoggy LA.

Also, your exposure may vary.  A lot.  But that spinning ND wheel will 
even it out...

I hear the daVinci people are working on a mod that lets you aim that 
solar mirror with a trackball.  You can also send messages in Morse code 
with the mirror.   

Apparently Sony is hoping to use this solar light source technology in 
their new telecine (they claim to already hold many patents on use of the 
sun,  which they claim to have either invented or improved upon).

The future looks so bright, you gotta wear, well, sunglasses.

John Snopes
Muncie Indiana
(no insult intended to Sony, Sun Ra, or any other solar diety, like Aton)

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