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Re: CCD vs. Flying Spot

JDonenfeld at aol.com wrote:

> Excuse my ignorance, BUT isn't there the big difference between Flying
> Spot
> and CCD (Strip) , the fact that you can't do FRAME BY FRAME correction

Of course you can.....  Albeit using the internal telecine correction
the Quadra for example will inch fwd and bkwds to rescan the image.  90%
of the time I set the neg in the middle with the internal TK correction
and then move onto my RSQ.  This would be the same for dV or Pogle users
so you dont have to wait for the image to be scanned at this point.
Working like this only makes doing accurate zooms or repos a little more
time consuming.  I have heard of clients complaining, however in 6
months of operation here no one has said anything.  (or maybe I didn't
understand the Chileno Spanish!).

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