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Re: Sony "Everscream" Monitors

There is only one approach that I have found really works with the Evergreen
monitors.  First, save the presets for each input in Channel Set in the
menus.  This way you can adjust for the inaccuracies within the monitor.
 Second, when making color balance adjustments go into "Channel Set" then
"Trim".  If you go into manual you've got yourself in trouble.  By using
these combinations settings will not be "lost".  Why it seems that your
settings are coming back is because it will do some funny things with the
input configuration settings, mainly to do with whether Preset or Channel Set
is used.
I have also found that the manuals are really needed to be able to set up the
other cards as they are not aligned very close, which can be seen if you have
a lot of these monitors.
Michael Brebes
The Post Group West

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