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Re: Sony "Everscream" Monitors

At 08:13 PM 9/16/97 -0400, Michael Brebes wrote:

>There is only one approach that I have found really works with the Evergreen
>monitors.  First, save the presets for each input in Channel Set in the
>menus.  This way you can adjust for the inaccuracies within the monitor.

This is how I have always set them.

> Second, when making color balance adjustments go into "Channel Set" then

In the software I have used thus far, the Trim function has been extremely
unreliable, and Sony recently suggested not using it at all in newer software.

> If you go into manual you've got yourself in trouble.  

If you are advocating their "auto setup", we have not found it to produce
consistent results close enough for our needs. So all monitors are carefully
set up in manual, using the Minolta. This way, I can confidently maintain
them within THX specs.  In previous software versions (version 1.02), this
held very well over time (even with lots of channel switching).

>By using these combinations settings will not be "lost".  Why it seems that
>settings are coming back is because it will do some funny things with the
>input configuration settings, mainly to do with whether Preset or Channel Set
>is used.

We always have used Channel Set.  Sony came and agreed that the monitors
were being set up correctly. I recently learned from Sony that the biggest
culprit in all of this is the version 1.21 software itself. When channel
switching (with version 1.21 software), the factory defaults are sometimes
loaded instead of the stored Channel Set value.  If you switch 20 times
between two channels, it may happen once or twice.  By going back into setup
without actually adjusting anything, the values "pop" back. We "downgraded"
in one monitor to version 1.10, which seems to be working okay, so far.  The
most stable release , however, I would have to say is 1.02 (simply becasue
I've watched it longer, and it has behaved consitently). Some of the newer
monitors (with newer software) have been somewhat inconsistent.
>I have also found that the manuals are really needed to be able to set up the
>other cards as they are not aligned very close, which can be seen if you have
>a lot of these monitors.

I have found this to be true.  This explains why the internal test signals
do not match external signals.  There are variations between decoder cards.
I suspect that if the decoders were set up perfectly to match incoming
signals to the internal test, then the auto setup results would be better.
However, I wish they would use center squares over a black background;
instead of full screen signals.  I can hear the monitors "scream" with the
100 Ire full screen white. ;-)

 Sony seems well aware of their monitor problems, but have not been able to
duplicate many of them in the lab.  They are presently receptive to users
pointing out the problems so that they may be addressed, instead of
dismissed. Sony thanked me for pointing out some of the problems.  I hope
that they can be resolved in a timely fashion.  I understand a new software
release is due soon. Hopefully, it will stablize an otherwise very good monitor.

Craig Nichols
Chief Telecine Engineer
Todd-AO Video Services

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