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Sony telecine

How many people went to see the Sony demonstration at IBC? I have seen no
comment yet, so can I assume that everyone was as unimpressed as I was? I
saw no reason to change my view that it is fundamentally ill-conceived, and
is never going to provide either the facilities or the quality that you can
get elsewhere.

What really annoyed me, though, was that, at the press briefing at least,
there was so much said that was just fundamentally untrue. The sprocket
driven step motion is kinder on film, we were told, than the pin
registration used in all other telecines.

And, as most of you are probably aware, the primary colour correction is
achieved by beam splitting the light source, then putting a "solid state
light valve" (i.e. a LCD panel) in the red, green and blue paths. The
product manager stood up and said that this was clearly superior, as all
other telecines use mechanical apertures to vary light levels.
Incidentally, do these solid state light valves polarise the light? And, if
so, what effect does that have on the pictures.

I asked the big question: if the world market for telecines is 75 machines
a year, why is Sony getting involved? This is part of a wider market, was
the reply. Does anyone else feel as I do, that Sony is getting into
telecine simply as part of its plan for world domination, wanting to be
able to supply end to end solutions, rather than out of a genuine desire to
build a better film transfer system. If it really wanted to be in the
telecine business, it would at least find out what that business is.

Sorry for sounding off. Anyone want to leap to Sony's defence?

Dick Hobbs

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