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Sony Telecine

On Sept 17 Dick Hobbs wrote:

<I asked the big question: if the world market for telecines is 75
a year, why is Sony getting involved?>

I didn't attend IBC, but I did see a demonstration of Sony's telecine
prototype at ITS in July.  What they said was their main reason for
getting involved in developing a telecine was to produce a machine that
could transfer a pin registered image in real time.  They are heavily
involved in DVD, and have found that with the current real time EPR
systems on the market, that they are getting an unacceptable level of
artifacts due to the extreme compression required for DVD.  They claim
that their optical stabilization process will eliminate this problem. 
The jury is still out on whether or not this will work in the real

I'm not jumping to Sony's defense at all;  and I'm also a bit sceptical
about what they hope achieve with this new telecine.  I just wanted to
relay the information I received at ITS.

Phil Voss
Blue Water Post

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