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Re: Sony telecine

<< What really annoyed me, though, was that, at the press briefing at least,
there was so much said that was just fundamentally untrue. The sprocket
driven step motion is kinder on film, we were told, than the pin registration
used in all other telecines >>


<< The product manager stood up and said that this was clearly superior, as
other telecines use mechanical apertures to vary light levels. >>

Hi Dick,

Sounds like Sony still hasn't awakened to the facts of telecine life, or
doesn't want to admit it if they have.  By the way, did they mention a firm
date when they will start selling their machines to the industry?

Following that CBS article in the July SMPTE Journal, which used a bunch of
junk engineering to prove why 16mm film is inadequate for HDTV (following
transfer on -- what did you expect? -- a Sony telecine), it dawned on me that
perhaps the main reason they're going on with their own machine, even if it
is a joke, is because the other telecine manufacturers have been quite
stand-offish about Sony's 1125-line high definition standard.  It's no big
secret that Sony has been developing 1125-line products for a number of years
in the hopes of being "firstest with the mostest," thereby forcing worldwide
HDTV standards in their favor.  Maybe they're trying to tell Philips and
Cintel to get on the bandwagon or be run over by it.  If so, I can hear the
laughing all the way from Ware!

Outside of CBS, which appears to be following the Japanese example of
building and junking premature HDTV systems, the 1125-line standard has
generally met with indifference so far.  This is becuase many people see it
as nothing more than good old ITU/R-601 digital video with twice as many
lines, but still carrying the same "baggage" such as interlace and
undersampled chrominance channels.  But aside from dominating the standards
debates, if 1125 does take hold and Sony's telecines do manage to convince
everybody that film looks like garbage on HDTV, then it only means that more
HDTV video equipment will have to be sold to take the place of film.

Or maybe these sinister motives exist only in my own mind, and they really
don't know what they're doing!

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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