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Da Vinci & Cintel GmbH: Thankyou.

Da Vinci & Cintel GmbH: Thank you.

After having created so much flak regarding the Da Vinci I would like to
publicly thank Craig Fearing of Da Vinci, Stefan Haupt of Cintel GmbH and
their respective teams for their help in getting our system running well.
And it was nice to have met many of you at IBC this last week.

Best wishes,

Phil Budden

phil at das-werk.de

At last years ibc we saw a calculator for converting between feet,meters,
frames, TC etc. We didnīt buy one then but we took some information which
we have since lost. We had hoped to see them again this year but although
we went round the whole place we couldnīt find them. 
Can anyone tell us where we get this calculator? 

Thanks once again.


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